How to participate and protest against new wind turbines in Aruba

How can I participate to save Alto Vista and Urirama?
Are you organizing an activity to save Alto Vista? Please let us know and we’ll include it here. We’ll post more as they come along.

Sign the petition
Please sign the online petition and tell your friends
Save Alto Vista Petition

Connect with us on facebook
Like us on Facebook for the latest news and images.

Link to us
Please link our website on your blog, site, facebook page or tweet about us.

We will keep you informed of all activities and actions
on the participate page

Inform yourself
Download the proposed plans to read and inform yourself
on the documents page


Tuesday may 15th 13.00
WEB presentation in parliament about the project.

Tuesday May 15th 18.30
March 4 Alto Vista – We love Aruba
Start 18.30 at old ATA office next to Fatum, peaceful walk over to TNO Caribbean office.
Please bring your friends and family
More info: March 4 Alto Vista – We love Aruba


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